The origin of tea as a beverage

In the world, there are only two types of people, those who drink tea and those who do not. Tea is such an aromatic and flavourful beverage that may not only be prepared very easily, but may also be consumed in varied ways. While some people prefer to drink herbal teas, some others go for black cold tea. Ranging from sweet and floral to grassy and nutty, you can experience a variety of shades that this beverage may carry. While all types of teas are now days popular across the world, the drink has always been most popular in Asian regions. It started to be consumed for its medicinal benefits.

A cup of tea can give great relief to us. The aroma and taste of tea are unique and different from any other beverage. Most of us now drink tea as a regular beverage. Nothing can be served as a substitute of a cup of tea. While there are several countries that produce tea, China has always been a famous tea producer that also exports it in good quantities. In fact, the discovery of tea was done by the Chinese emperor Shennong. It originated in south-western China. Chinese tea has been consumed as a medicine since ancient times, and it is served to guests by almost every household in China. Serving tea is treated as a mark of respect to the guest who arrives in any house of China.

The unique qualities of Chinese tea

We are here to tell you that Chinese tea is unique in many ways. Getting Chinese tea is somewhat like getting the original tea, as China is the discoverer of its original varieties. China not only discovered tea, but also came up with a wide range of teas as the time proceeded. These varieties have their own aromas, flavours, and tastes. Not only this, but these teas also have wonderful benefits for our body. Each variety of Chinese tea has its own benefits. Still, this beverage has some common medical benefits that include the prevention of diseases like cancer and help with weight loss due to its antioxidant properties. However, one should better drink tea to enjoy its experience and not for a specific advantage. One or two cups a day can really pep up your energy and joy.

What all you can explore with us

By visiting our website, you will get to know in detail about the special Chinese tea and its advantages. You will also get to know about the areas where Chinese teas are grown and the kind of weather and conditions necessary for their growth. You may learn about the prices of Chinese tea and why they are expensive. There are certain Chinese teas that become finer as the time passes. The older a Chinese tea is, the more expensive it will be.

We also give you information on the varieties of Chinese tea available. There are various types of Chinese tea and each one has its own set of benefits. Check out our section on ‘varieties available’ to be informed about the types of Chinese tea available with us.

Go ahead and explore more about Chinese tea. We are sure that after gaining information on its benefits, you will be eager to try it. Let us know the variety you liked and we will make it available for you. If you want to make a purchase, then simply click on Contact Us. Submit your enquiry and we will get back to you with details.

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