Is Chinese Tea really good for your health?

When it comes to Chinese tea, it offers various health benefits, which range from feelings of well being to almost magical cures. Today, Chinese tea is also becoming extremely popular in Western countries due to its ancient claims of cancer prevention and weight loss properties. Even though there is little scientific evidence that supports the health benefits claims of Chinese tea, still there are centuries of conventional and empirical evidences. Natural Essential Oil Chinese tea contains natural essential oils that not only gives the tea a special aroma, but also helps in digestion, reduces stress and fat. Today, obesity has become a major concern among millions of people across the globe. For this reason, nowadays large numbers of obese people are turning to Chinese tea that contains natural essential oil, helping them reduce fat and assisting in remaining fit. Additionally, due to the consumption of unbalanced diet, millions of people often suffer from digestion issues. One cannot take medications for long as it can cause various side effects. So, people now add Chinese tea to their diet that can help them ease digestion. Fluoride Do you know that Chinese tea contains fluoride, which is calcium mineral that significant reduces tooth decay? Surprised? Well, it is actually true. Just imagine, you can enjoy drinking your favorite beverage with the knowledge that it will help in maintaining good set of teeth! Caffeine The small amount of caffeine in Chinese tea enhances blood circulation. Antioxidants Chinese tea is extremely rich in antioxidants like theobromine, theanine, epigallocatechin 3-gallate and polyphenol. Theobromine– It is an alkaloid that helps in stimulating the heart, promoting urination and widening blood vessels. Theanine– It is a form of amino acid that has time and again proven its worth in reducing stress. Epigallocatechin 3-gallate– Also known as EGCG, it is a form of Catechin that assist in the reduction of the risk of cancer. Polyphenol– It is an anti-mutation factor that assists the DNA in reproducing aptly. All in all, the fact remains that Chinese tea offers a wide array of health benefits. Moreover, it can give you relief from the issues caused by ‘free radical’ around you every day. Free radical is the basic reason for unforeseen hazards, poisoning, aging and cancerous cells. Now when you know the different benefits of Chinese tea, add it to your diet and enhance your health significantly. Within days you can feel the difference within...

The Fascinating History of Tea In China

The Chinese have been consumers of tea since a very long time. It is said that tea was invented accidentally by Shen Nong, who was the mythical emperor of China around 2700 BC. They have been cultivating tea in China for the past 1800 years. Here is a brief history of tea in China. How tea drinking began Tea was first consumed after that in Japan during the reign of the Tang dynasty. During the 1600s, tea arrived in Europe. It was around the same time coffee was exported by Africa. Coffee found more flavour as compared to tea in the 17th Century. However, the British had found that they were lacking in coffee growing areas as compared to the other countries. The then government of Britain encouraged the sale of tea. Russia and Britain then became the leading fans of tea around the world. Tea was a luxury Tea was considered a luxury in Britain back in the day when it had to import it. In fact, it was imported since it was said to have some medicinal properties. The rich people were the only ones who had it back then and everyone else had wanted to possess it. They got it within a matter of a century. The need to export teas had spurred the shipping technologies inadvertently. Green tea was originally imported by Europe. It was, however, easy to adulterate tea using the plants that were used for other purposes. In America, people were originally fans of tea, but the Boston Tea Party changed all that. The Opium Wars were triggered off by the Britishers’ love for drinking tea. The British had paid the Chinese so much money for importing tea that they finally had almost nothing left with them to offer the Chinese in return for...

A Good Cup of Tea or Coffee

Tea and coffee are both rich in antioxidants that destroy the free radicals produced in our bodies the culprit behind cell and tissue destruction and several diseases. The same quantity of coffee tastes stronger than tea due to the presence of greater levels of caffeine. A cup of coffee has about 85 milligrams of caffeine, whereas caffeine levels of tea varies between 10-110 mg depending upon the tea. Too much caffeine overstimulates the nervous system and has been linked with sleep disorders and other adverse effects on health and also as compared to tea, coffee does not blend well with herbs and takes too much sugar and cream to make it...

How to find a reliable Chinese tea supplier

Authentic Chinese tea suppliers are essential for all the hotels and restaurants that supply delicious cuisine. It is necessary to locate a reliable tea supplier who provides quality products at affordable rates.There are a number of online suppliers on the internet who supply Chinese tea at affordable rates. With hundreds of dealers it becomes difficult for restaurant owner to find a reliable tea supplier. If you are in search of the best firm, you can visit https://www.chineseteasuppliers.com, which is one of the leading suppliers of Chinese tea. To find the best Chinese tea supplier, you can browse different web directories and yellow pages. You can perform the search by typing the name of your city or area code. You can also browse reputed search engines like – Google, MSN, Yahoo, Bing, where you can find the list of reputed tea suppliers. After filtering a few suppliers, you can check the quality of their products and services by getting the feedback from various review sites. Based on the reviews and feedback provided by other restaurant owners, you can proceed with any of the tea supplier. Buying tea from any reputed supplier allows you to enjoy a lot in terms of price, quality and...

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