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Tea – A Reflection of Chinese Culture

Tea is the most consumed beverage in the world today. China has the world best Teahouses. It is the most consumed drink in China. Tea drinking is deeply intertwined with the fabric of the Chinese culture. China has the world’s best top tea culture cities. Furthermore, the diversity of styles and flavors of Chinese teas is beyond comparison and the richness of Chin’s Tea heritage is unparalleled in the world. In ancient China, Tea was regarded as a potent medicine. Ancient Chinese people often drank the infusion formed by boiling Tea leaves in water. Tea infusion was believed to cool the body and improve eyesight. China is the world’s first exporter of Tea. China is still the world’s largest exporter of tea. Unsurprisingly Tea is the national drink in China. Corresponding to the deep Chinese culture, the production and consumption of Chinese tea are distinctive in different regions of China. People in Beijing love flower-scented tea especially jasmine tea, whereas people in Shanghai and surrounding areas prefer green tea. Some high-end teas like Pu’er and white tea are highly revered for their suitability for long-term storage. They are valued like the rarest of vintage wines. High-end teas, the longer they are stored, the more valuable they become. However, not all tea is suitable for collecting, since some types of tea including green tea, deteriorate with age. In traditional Chinese culture, tea is often served to a guest as a sign of respect. Similarly, a younger person shows respect to an older person by offering a cup of tea. Tea drinking is very common during celebrations such as the Spring Festival, traditional Chinese wedding or during birthdays. In traditional Chinese wedding, the bride and groom kneel before their parents and offer them Tea as a sign of...

Some dispelling myths and facts about Chinese tea

Most of us have enjoyed Chinese tea in a restaurant or a tradition Chinese tea house, but few of us have the courage to buy a Chinese tea and brew it at home. The Chinese restaurants serve tea to hydrate their customers and aid their digestion so that they can order more food. They are rarely concerned about the quality of leaves or the temperature of the water. So you may not have enjoyed the taste of the tea. On the other end of the spectrum, the tea houses follow traditional way of brewing the tea and perform the ceremony meticulously before serving the tea. This gives an impression that Chinese tea can only be enjoyed by following step by step process of brewing the tea. Moreover, when you go to buy Chinese tea from a vendor, they are unable to guide you on the best way to brew it. They will not be able to answer your question on temperature of water, how much tea leaves to be added and how long to brew it. They will tell it mostly depends on your personal preference. On the contrary, in some parts of China people drink tea in tall glasses without any utensils and brewing in a simple and straight forward way. To enjoy your Chinese tea, you do not have to follow an elaborate process and be a slave of traditions. The taste of teas is not bitter and it does not requires years of experience to enjoy a cup of Chinese teas. To enjoy the first cup of your Chinese tea, you need to take the first step to experiment. You can brew your tea using the infuser mechanism or use filters to separate the leaves from the water. And enjoy the tea in your favourite cup. The customs and traditions does adds taste, but you can simply brew the tea and enjoy the taste....

The Fascinating History of Tea In China

The Chinese have been consumers of tea since a very long time. It is said that tea was invented accidentally by Shen Nong, who was the mythical emperor of China around 2700 BC. They have been cultivating tea in China for the past 1800 years. Here is a brief history of tea in China. How tea drinking began Tea was first consumed after that in Japan during the reign of the Tang dynasty. During the 1600s, tea arrived in Europe. It was around the same time coffee was exported by Africa. Coffee found more flavour as compared to tea in the 17th Century. However, the British had found that they were lacking in coffee growing areas as compared to the other countries. The then government of Britain encouraged the sale of tea. Russia and Britain then became the leading fans of tea around the world. Tea was a luxury Tea was considered a luxury in Britain back in the day when it had to import it. In fact, it was imported since it was said to have some medicinal properties. The rich people were the only ones who had it back then and everyone else had wanted to possess it. They got it within a matter of a century. The need to export teas had spurred the shipping technologies inadvertently. Green tea was originally imported by Europe. It was, however, easy to adulterate tea using the plants that were used for other purposes. In America, people were originally fans of tea, but the Boston Tea Party changed all that. The Opium Wars were triggered off by the Britishers’ love for drinking tea. The British had paid the Chinese so much money for importing tea that they finally had almost nothing left with them to offer the Chinese in return for...

Why you should choose Chinese Tea

Overcome coffee, it is the tea time! China is known to have the most varieties of the famous hot beverage called – tea. Tea is a very popular drink in most of the South Asian countries and many of them are known to be avid exporters of tea. Tea is a regular drink in these countries and is often served as a welcome drink to the guests. The Chinese tea is unique in many ways. They offer a variety of teas with different aromas and tastes in China. Each variety of the Chinese tea has its own positive effects. Some of the benefits of consuming tea are: 1. Refreshing drink – It can be served as a refreshment, which can help you stay up longer and get rid of dizziness and drowsiness. It can also cure a headache to some extent. It helps make one feel active and fresh. Tea has a calming and soothing effect on the mind. Having a refreshing cup of tea reduces fatigue as it stimulates the central nervous system. 2. Healthy benefits – Oolong tea can help reduce the risk of high blood pressure and also lowers skin irritation. It is a good source of antioxidants which help reduce the signs of aging like wrinkles. Green tea helps reduce fat from the body. Consuming green tea can lower your risk of having a cardiovascular disease and even cancer. 3. Medicinal properties – Chinese tea was used as a medicine in the earlier ages. It has some great medicinal properties. It promotes strong bones and dental health since it is rich in fluoride. It can enhance the blood vessel elasticity and strength. It helps regulate the blood flow and can help cure...

Most Popular varieties of Tea in China

After the Indian masala chai, Chinese tea has a great reach among the hearts of Americans and Europeans. It is well-liked by many tea lovers around the globe. China has a very intense tea tradition, which makes them brew and serve the most pleasant varieties of tea to their guests. They have a very long history of tea culture. There are different varieties and preparations of tea, in China, the largest demography on the world map. They have a unique and pleasant taste of tea. They have a unique style of drinking tea as well. If you want to know, you can also do a research on them. There are basically five different classifications of Chinese tea – oolong, white, black, green, and post fermented. White Tea – It is oxidized tea, served only in China or in Chinese restaurants. The lovers of white tea are popularly rising in the neighboring countries of China, as Nepal, India, Taiwan, etc. Oolong Tea – Oolong, at times, is also referred to as woolong tea. It is one of the most popular tea variations from China. This traditional Chinese tea is curled and twisted, in an interesting tea manufacturing process. It has a very strong yet pleasant scent and taste. Green Tea – Green Tea is brewed from green tea leaves and gives a bright, happy stimulation to the sippers. Green tea is cultivated in many countries now, but the Chinese one has the most brilliant taste. Chinese Black Tea – Black tea can be pronounced as a wonderful tea. It is more oxidized than any other variety of Chinese tea. This strong tea is prepared differently in different parts of China. Post-Fermented Tea – Also known as fermented tea, this kind of tea comes through a fermentation process, which takes months of times, sometimes years. It too is quite a popular variety of...

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