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Drink your tea with some biological facts

A Chinese emperor named Shen Nung was the first person to discover the sensational tea. In 2737 B.C, he discovered the source of pleasure and content when some tea leaves had accidentally fallen into his hot cup of water. Later, the Japanese, the British, Russians, French, and even Italians were invigorated by tea and its ethnic taste and aroma. Later came the iced tea, which was equally accepted by many in the European regions. The impacts of tea were so positive that every corner of the world really enjoyed the taste and the health benefits of these exclusive leaves. To this, even a Buddhist monk once quoted, ” Anywhere a person cultivates tea, long life will follow.” This was not wrong in any way. More than a habit, tea comes with a lot of other positive qualities. The biological impacts are more towards the good, then the bad. Different kinds of tea have their own control on your system: Green Tea: This kind of tea has catechins. Catechins belong to the family of flavonoids, which are considered to be mild anti-oxidants for the body. These anti-oxidants help smoothen the metabolism of the human body. They in turn help in controlling high blood pressure as well as cholesterol. The anti-bacterial properties of these catechins in green tea are also known for improved blood flow with protecting the inner stomach linings from bacteria and viruses. White Tea: This tea is known to be richer in Vitamin A. They protect the eyes from drying up, due to lack of sleep. In intense cases, they even help to prevent night blindness. The insulin secretion control property of white tea is intriguing, both the scientists and the common man. The extent to which this tea has the power to control DNA damage is also impressive. Black Tea: This is the purest form of any kind of tea. The color ‘black’ is due to the caffeine content in the tea. This means the chemicals in this tea are much more oxidized than in other kinds. The bones, teeth and central nervous system stay active and work well with a regular consumption of black tea. The elasticity of the blood vessels is also taken care of this tea. Oolong Tea: High in Vitamin C, this kind of tea is extremely good for the skin. All the derma issues will be reduced by regular intake of Oolong tea. Lowering cholesterol and enriching the body with increasing fat...

Is Chinese Tea really good for your health?

When it comes to Chinese tea, it offers various health benefits, which range from feelings of well being to almost magical cures. Today, Chinese tea is also becoming extremely popular in Western countries due to its ancient claims of cancer prevention and weight loss properties. Even though there is little scientific evidence that supports the health benefits claims of Chinese tea, still there are centuries of conventional and empirical evidences. Natural Essential Oil Chinese tea contains natural essential oils that not only gives the tea a special aroma, but also helps in digestion, reduces stress and fat. Today, obesity has become a major concern among millions of people across the globe. For this reason, nowadays large numbers of obese people are turning to Chinese tea that contains natural essential oil, helping them reduce fat and assisting in remaining fit. Additionally, due to the consumption of unbalanced diet, millions of people often suffer from digestion issues. One cannot take medications for long as it can cause various side effects. So, people now add Chinese tea to their diet that can help them ease digestion. Fluoride Do you know that Chinese tea contains fluoride, which is calcium mineral that significant reduces tooth decay? Surprised? Well, it is actually true. Just imagine, you can enjoy drinking your favorite beverage with the knowledge that it will help in maintaining good set of teeth! Caffeine The small amount of caffeine in Chinese tea enhances blood circulation. Antioxidants Chinese tea is extremely rich in antioxidants like theobromine, theanine, epigallocatechin 3-gallate and polyphenol. Theobromine– It is an alkaloid that helps in stimulating the heart, promoting urination and widening blood vessels. Theanine– It is a form of amino acid that has time and again proven its worth in reducing stress. Epigallocatechin 3-gallate– Also known as EGCG, it is a form of Catechin that assist in the reduction of the risk of cancer. Polyphenol– It is an anti-mutation factor that assists the DNA in reproducing aptly. All in all, the fact remains that Chinese tea offers a wide array of health benefits. Moreover, it can give you relief from the issues caused by ‘free radical’ around you every day. Free radical is the basic reason for unforeseen hazards, poisoning, aging and cancerous cells. Now when you know the different benefits of Chinese tea, add it to your diet and enhance your health significantly. Within days you can feel the difference within...

The Many Reasons Why White Tea is Good for You

Everybody knows that tea is good for the health. There are many people who drink green tea on a daily basis because they understand that it’s many positive features helps the body get in good shape. Now people are rapidly waking up to the advantages of drinking white tea. When the next trip to the supermarket comes around, it would be worth it to have a look at the many options in white tea, and buy a pack. Just take a look at some of the many benefits this kind of tea offers. 1. This kind of tea has quite levels of anti-oxidation since it is the least processed brew. 2. Since it has such high levels of anti-oxidation, this drink can protect the body from free radicals that damage the body and quicken the aging process. For those who want to look young and healthy for a long time, this is the brew to drink. 3. The world we live in is made up of many kinds of dangerous diseases, and one of the most dangerous is cancer. The nutrients in this drink have the ability to defend the body from cancer and make sure that the body is not afflicted with this dangerous disease. 4. The stress and toll of everyday life means that many people are often the unfortunate victim of high blood pressure. This is bad for the health, and it is essential that high blood pressure is brought under control. This drink thins the blood as a result of which the artery function improves, and the end result is that the blood pressure is brought under control. 5. Those people who have weak bones and are prone to suffer from arthritis can drink this brew regularly and ensure that their bone density becomes stronger and they do not suffer from such...

Health Benefits of Chinese tea

Chinese tea at present has become much popular round the world. If you have visited China, you might have experienced the taste and flavor of this tea. Apart from this you will be aware about the health benefits. It is the health benefits of the tea that really made Chinese tea so demanding round the world. It is truth that Chinese tea has tradition of more than 1000s of years and most of the Chinese tea is used in the traditional medicines of China. It is quite relaxing to take a cup of tea in break time. Then, why can’t you take Chinese tea to add to your health? Here are some of the important benefits of this tea. Rich in anti oxidants Chinese tea is rich in anti oxidants like catechin that is also found in apples, chocolate and red wine. Anti oxidant factor of Chinese tea has been proved and the traditional medicines evidences the same. Apart from this factor this tea is also said to be effective in cancer prevention and weight loss programs. These qualities of Chinese tea can keep your body in good condition keeping the body systems really working. Additional benefits Here are some of the additional benefits of taking Chinese tea.  Fight bacteria and viruses  Boost your immune system  Lower cholesterol level  Prevent blood clots  High in fluoride (protecting teeth also from plaque)  Lower blood pressure  Lower blood sugar  Prevent Alzheimer  Ease arthritis  Appetite suppressant  Repair DNA damage caused by radiation  Increase bone density  Maintain body’s fluid balance  High source of vitamin A At present Chinese tea are sullied to almost all parts of the world. There is no doubt that tea is one of the most important and most favored beverage or drink that put start to good discussions. You can catch up the golden everlasting memories with your old friends with a cup of tea. Make your tea time healthier one with Chinese tea. Chinese tea comes in different types and in different flavors. You can select the best one that you feel good and tasty. You can find more information about Chinese tea on internet. There are several pages and links to make you know about the health benefits of Chinese tea. Now you can take tea with all the assured benefits for your health....

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