Drink your tea with some biological facts


A Chinese emperor named Shen Nung was the first person to discover the sensational tea. In 2737 B.C, he discovered the source of pleasure and content when some tea leaves had accidentally fallen into his hot cup of water. Later, the Japanese, the British, Russians, French, and even Italians were invigorated by tea and its ethnic taste and aroma.

Later came the iced tea, which was equally accepted by many in the European regions. The impacts of tea were so positive that every corner of the world really enjoyed the taste and the health benefits of these exclusive leaves. To this, even a Buddhist monk once quoted, ” Anywhere a person cultivates tea, long life will follow.” This was not wrong in any way. More than a habit, tea comes with a lot of other positive qualities. The biological impacts are more towards the good, then the bad. Different kinds of tea have their own control on your system:

Green Tea: This kind of tea has catechins. Catechins belong to the family of flavonoids, which are considered to be mild anti-oxidants for the body. These anti-oxidants help smoothen the metabolism of the human body. They in turn help in controlling high blood pressure as well as cholesterol. The anti-bacterial properties of these catechins in green tea are also known for improved blood flow with protecting the inner stomach linings from bacteria and viruses.

White Tea: This tea is known to be richer in Vitamin A. They protect the eyes from drying up, due to lack of sleep. In intense cases, they even help to prevent night blindness. The insulin secretion control property of white tea is intriguing, both the scientists and the common man. The extent to which this tea has the power to control DNA damage is also impressive.

Black Tea: This is the purest form of any kind of tea. The color ‘black’ is due to the caffeine content in the tea. This means the chemicals in this tea are much more oxidized than in other kinds. The bones, teeth and central nervous system stay active and work well with a regular consumption of black tea. The elasticity of the blood vessels is also taken care of this tea.

Oolong Tea: High in Vitamin C, this kind of tea is extremely good for the skin. All the derma issues will be reduced by regular intake of Oolong tea. Lowering cholesterol and enriching the body with increasing fat metabolism is what it does in a prolonged period. It helps in better bronchial tract relaxation for people with frequent flu attack.

Get to know your tea before every purchase. Even in variants of Chinese tea, you can find them placed.

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