Famous teas in China

Tea culture of China

If there is one country that is closely associated with tea and the tea drinking culture, then it is China. This is a land where drinking tea and the customs associated with it have been elevated to an art form. This website pays homage to the great teas of this ancient land by dedicating plenty of information to the subject of famous teas in China. At Chinese Tea Suppliers, we not only make you aware of the Chinese tea types and their usefulness, but also supply your favourite Chinese tea according to your custom needs. You can share your requirements with us, and we make sure that we deliver the required product timely. We supply almost all types of famous teas in China that have been mentioned on our website.

There are many kinds of tea that are brewed in China. While some varieties are indigenous to this country, others owe their origin to neighbouring lands like Japan and Korea, which have an equally strong tea culture. The best varieties of this drink are frequently brewed from herbs that have medicinal properties. They have been known to cure ailments that even allopathic medicines have struggled to deal with. In fact, many natives believe that Chinese teas can do some kind of medical magic to patients suffering from critical ailments like cancer, nervous system disorders, diabetes, and rheumatism. Thus, Chinese teas are also used in their medicines.


In Chinese society, tea is considered as a mark of respect for elders. It is common to invite elders to have tea on holidays. Chinese restaurants remain crowded on holidays when most families gather to have tea. In certain formal situations, Chinese tea also serves as a means to apologise to others. Else, it is mostly used to celebrate occasions, especially marriage where the bride and groom serve tea to show gratitude to each other’s family.


The most popular Chinese teas

The finest Chinese teas have rather exotic names in translation like Dragon Well, Green Snail Spring, Big Red Robe, and Iron Goddess. The process to make these teas is equally striking. Dragon Well, for instance, is a pan-roasted version that is usually processed by hand. Green Snail Spring gets this name, because early on in the process, the leaves are rolled into a tight spring that resembles the meat of a snail. Then, there is the Yellow Mountain Fur Peak tea whose fascinating development has given it such a long name. Its leaves are sourced from Huangshan, which is called the Yellow Mountain. The Fur Peak is added to its name, as its leaves look like a mountain peak once they are processed. There are also legends and fairy tales associated with some of these famous varieties.


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