Most Popular varieties of Tea in China


After the Indian masala chai, Chinese tea has a great reach among the hearts of Americans and Europeans. It is well-liked by many tea lovers around the globe. China has a very intense tea tradition, which makes them brew and serve the most pleasant varieties of tea to their guests. They have a very long history of tea culture.

There are different varieties and preparations of tea, in China, the largest demography on the world map. They have a unique and pleasant taste of tea. They have a unique style of drinking tea as well. If you want to know, you can also do a research on them.

There are basically five different classifications of Chinese tea – oolong, white, black, green, and post fermented.

White Tea – It is oxidized tea, served only in China or in Chinese restaurants. The lovers of white tea are popularly rising in the neighboring countries of China, as Nepal, India, Taiwan, etc.

Oolong Tea – Oolong, at times, is also referred to as woolong tea. It is one of the most popular tea variations from China. This traditional Chinese tea is curled and twisted, in an interesting tea manufacturing process. It has a very strong yet pleasant scent and taste.

Green Tea – Green Tea is brewed from green tea leaves and gives a bright, happy stimulation to the sippers. Green tea is cultivated in many countries now, but the Chinese one has the most brilliant taste.

Chinese Black Tea – Black tea can be pronounced as a wonderful tea. It is more oxidized than any other variety of Chinese tea. This strong tea is prepared differently in different parts of China.

Post-Fermented Tea – Also known as fermented tea, this kind of tea comes through a fermentation process, which takes months of times, sometimes years. It too is quite a popular variety of tea.

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