Rates of Chinese Tea

The people living in China have been drinking tea for more than 4,000 years. It has been said that tea was accidently discovered by the emperor and herbalist Shennong in 2737 BC. Since then, tea has been consumed both as a medicine and a beverage that is served to others for showing respect. Due to its medicinal value, some merchants in China had also started hoarding tea so they could sell it at a higher price.

There are different types of Chinese tea with various benefits. However, when it comes to the rates of Chinese tea, it has been observed that they have always been expensive. While a few varieties may be heavy on your pocket, some others may also be jaw dropping. Starting from a few dollars to thousands of dollars for a gram, Chinese teas can vary widely in terms of rates. A research study has revealed that the most expensive tea in the world is a rare Chinese tea called Tieguanyin, which is priced at £1,700 per kilo (that is around $1,500/lb.). This tea is named after the Buddhist deity Guan Yin (Iron Goddess of Mercy). It is a type of oolong tea, whose oxidisation is somewhere between that of black and green teas. However, several other kinds of oolong tea may appear reasonable and commonly priced. At least, you will be able to afford it for regular use.

In China, it is known that tea has always been the property of emperors, provincial governments, and leaders. The famous teas, especially those from renowned bushes, are not only famous for their taste, but are also regarded as a status symbol. Wealthy people bid high prices to secure these rare teas, and they do it not for personal consumption, but to show favour and respect to business associates or family members. Another tea is Wuyi Rock, whose prices have doubled in recent years. On the latest, a Chinese firm has released its green tea called daqi, which is priced at 26,800 Yuan or around $4,250 per 100 grams. Not only the green tea, but its presentation is also luxurious. It comes with a sandalwood base and in a special container with a jade lid.

Pu-erh tea, a tea with a strong aroma, is produced and gathered from the south-west province of Yunnan. This tea variety has medicinal properties, and its price has almost doubled over a short period of time. Pu-erh tea has now started to be considered fine. The older the tea, the finer and more improved it will be. In the year 2005, 500g of Pu-erh tea that was 64 years old, was sold at an auction for one million Yuan (£66,300). It is six times more expensive than gold. Still, the prices of almost all tea varieties have only been going up. These high prices actually reflect the cultural flavour and rarity of Chinese teas. A few teas like chrysanthemum are still available at reasonable rates. It can be tried by people who love lighter teas.

The price of tea has been rising since the year 2003 when investors in southern China and Hong Kong came to realise that the price of tea grows as much as it gets older. It is beneficial to store it rather than sell at that point of time. At some places, 2-year-old tea is much cheaper than 13-year-old tea. A cake made using 2-year-old Ye Sheng Gucha tea costs 260 Yuan (about £18); on the other hand, 13-year-old tea sells for 1,800 Yuan. While selling Pu-erh tea, one does not have to pay taxes. A good-quality black Chinese tea is priced between $13 and $45 (US dollars) per 100 gram.

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